This Week's Camping and Outdoor Specials - Week 4

First and foremost, I just wanted to thank you for your time, because I know you're busy.

I just wanted to share this week's hottest outdoor gear and gadgets with you. 

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Long Lasting Camping Glow Sticks


Think of all the interesting fun you can have with a pack of "SnapLight Premium Glow Sticks".

Now I did a side-by-side comparison so I could pick the best glow stick for my new bug-out bag. These were by far the best. I did an hour by hour reading test and navigating through a dark campsite.

I bought several brands to do my test. Don't fall for the China rip-offs that said "Military", and "Premium" and "last up to 10 hours". The SnapLight outlasted them all.

As one of my test glow sticks I even used an old SnapLight from my previous 5 year old bug-out bag that had already expired. Even though it already expired it lasted several hours longer than a new glow stick that had all the buzz word hype. The SnapLight out shown all the others.

These sticks also have a 5 year shelf life, which make them a great addition to safety or first aid kits.


Waterproof Case For iphones and Androids

This waterproof cell phone case is nothing short of fantastic.

We took it kayaking and tested it heavily with a smart phone inside, even towing it behind the kayak, fully immersed in the water; The smart phone inside, emerged completely dry.

The case has an adjustable arm strap; being able to wear it on your arm is really convenient when kayaking etc.

The phone can be used while inside the case (dialing, texting etc., we made some phone calls to each other while the phone was sealed inside the case and phone communication remained clear and audible).

The compass works well and is a great added feature. While kayaking we were able to bring up river maps on the smart phone (while it was inside the case), while simultaneously looking at the compass for accurate map orientation/ perspective.



Affordable Quality Camping Multi-tool review



This guy is definitely one of my favorite pliers multi-tools. What a deal!

I really like the gunmetal color and it is made of a high quality stainless steel. It is spring loaded so you have way one handed operation.

The unit has a really nice needle nose pliers, that you access by folding the handles back, which will expose all the tools. It also has a wire cuter on it...pretty neat!

Besides the needle nose pliers and wire cutters, encased in the handles are:

Side one: 1. Fine edge serrated blade

2. Straight flat head screwdriver

3. Flat Phillips crosspoint screw driver

4. Saw

Side 2:

1. Serrated edge knife

2. Can/bottle opener

3. Flat head screw driver

4. Lanyard hole

5. A really good pair of scissors.


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