A Real Life Grizzly Adams - The Story Of Casey and Brutus

A Real Life Grizzly Adams - The Story Of Casey and Brutus

WARNING - Watching this video may change your views on bears forever.

Interesting Facts About Grizzly Bears:

  • Size: Males weigh between 200-700 pounds, and females weigh between 200-400 pounds
  • Agile: Can run up to 45 mph
  • Lifespan: May live 15-30 years
  • Lifetime home range: Male - 800-2,000 square miles, Female - 300-550 square miles
  • Diet: Typical food sources include rodents, insects, elk calves, roots, pine nuts, grasses, trout, and also large mammals
  • Population: Between 1800 and 1975 the population of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states dropped from 100,000 to less that 1,000 (approximately 250 bears occupied the Yellowstone area at that time). This dramatic decline led to them being included in the Endangered Species Act in 1975. There are approximately 150 grizzly bears that have home ranges at least partially in the park, and 700-850 in the Greater Yellowstone area
Learn more about Casey Anderson and his special furry friend 'Brutus' the grizzly bear here: http://www.grizzlyencounter.org

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